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GU! needs your help!

We mentioned earlier this week, that our second conference is on its way to funding! Since that letter, over $200 has come in to the conference coffer from fantastic people just like you.

As this update goes out, our funding stands at $1370 out of the $50,000 needed to fund this year’s conference. Of that fifty thousand, we only need $8000 to put down our deposit on our venue and begin contacting panelists and speakers to get the ball rolling. We’re over 1/8th of the way there already! Haven’t donated yet, or want to donate more? Check out our website for the donation button and details!

There are companies out there who would love to help us with this groundbreaking and trend-setting conference. But we need your help to get the word out! For individuals as well as companies, we’re offering sponsorship packages outlined in this PDF from our website.

For donation levels from $500 and up, you can receive all sorts of interesting things. From knowing that your place at the conference is secure (all sponsorship levels come with at least one conference ticket!), to getting your name or your company’s name and logo in the conference’s print media, as well as on our website, and more. Sponsorship offers unique opportunities to be a big part of Ghostwriters Unite! And, of course, all levels come with fully condoned bragging rights.

To become a sponsor, download and fill out this form from our website, then fax the completed form to 1-714-954-0793or email for more information.

October is coming up fast and we all want nothing more than to see this conference be even bigger and better than last year. Donations and sponsorships can help that happen. Donate today and be sure to watch for future updates!

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Ghostwriters Unite! 2014 has begun it’s journey to funding!

We have a venue in mind – the beautiful New York New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. We’ve received a price quote and need to raise a minimum of $8000 to put down a deposit on the space we need and finalize the dates. Our ultimate goal to pay off this year’s conference is $50,000, as you can see from the fancy funding tracker on our website.

Of course, we can’t send out information to potential panelists and moderators without having both the place and the dates! GU! needs your help. Even a few dollars closer to our goal will further our journey toward making this fantastic conference happen for the second year in a row.

We talked about the ghostwriting community that’s formed thanks to this conference recently, and we all would like to see that kind of camaraderie and support continue. Support Ghostwriters Unite! and help us keep this new worldwide community thriving with the second annual conference!

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Human history is built on the concept of community. From the very first hunter-gatherers that grouped together to make their lives easier, to the modern large corporations, community is the glue that holds people together.

When a person feels they are a part of something, amazing things happen. A sense of community is something that is a big deal for such an isolated profession as writers. There are conferences and groups for authors, for aspiring authors, for casual writers, even for specific niches such as romance or science fiction writers. But there never has been a sense of community for that vital and yet invisible type of writer – the ghostwriter.

So we created one.

The first annual Ghostwriters Unite! Conference was a fantastic success! More than 70 of us came together from all over the globe to meet, learn, teach, discuss, share, and, in the space of only a few days, launch a thriving sense of community.

We’ll have even more of this to offer this year. Planning for Ghostwriters Unite 2014 is well underway. The conference will run from October 10-12 in Las Vegas.

We’ll have new panels, new topics, and new keynote speakers. We’ll cover some of the perennial issues that proved so popular last year–fees and contracts, finding clients and troubleshooting problems–and open some new discussions: ethics, standards, the benefits and values of professionalization.

Personally, I can’t wait!

But to pull it off, we’re going to need your financial support. A donation of $500, $250, or even $50 dollars will help us get the ball rolling for Ghostwriter’s Unite 2014.

What you may not know is that a few of us who put together last year’s first-ever ghostwriters conference have been busy since then, establishing Ghostwriters Unite Incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, with the aim of continuing to produce this annual event and keeping the community alive.

Why am I asking for money? Ghostwriters Unite Incorporated needs funds to place the deposit on the conference hotel, and, eventually, to cover the cost of panelists and speakers. In the short-term, however, we need to file our 501c3 IRS form 1023 and pay attorney fees!

What we won’t be doing with donations is paying ourselves. This is an all-volunteer organization. 100% of all contributions go toward the conference and its attendant legalities, such as filings, liability insurance, and so forth. No one connected with the conference receives any money from the organization.

What we do need—sooner rather than later—is your support. If you went to Ghostwriters Unite 2013 you know what a vital, important event it was. We all want this wonderful sense of community to continue! Your donation will guarantee that you’ll have an even better experience this time around (after all, this will be our second trip around the block!)

And if you didn’t attend in 2013, but plan to this year, your donation will help ensure we can make that happen!

Oh, and yes, your contribution is tax-deductible.

So help us maintain this amazing sense of community for the talented and exclusive group that we are. Click the link below to make your contribution to keeping our spirit of community alive.

Ghostwriters, unite!
Click here to donate!

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We have a fantastic turnout for the world’s first ghostwriting conference, Ghostwriters Unite!

Pre-registration is now closed, but if you’d still like to attend this groundbreaking event, at the door registration is still available.

AT THE DOOR REGISTRATION OPTIONS: Conference: $285.00 Saturday Night Banquet: $50.00 Conference & Banquet: $335.00

What Do Ghostwriters Do?

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An excellent question! And one we get a lot. Most people have a vague sense of what a ghostwriter does, but as this is a ghostwriter conference, we thought we’d give a bit of information.


…Write and edit manuscripts for the 2-3 million authors who use self-publishing services every year

…Write and edit proposals for the 6-9 million authors who submit to literary agents and acquisition editors every year

…Guide their clients thru the various mazes of:
Literary Agents
Self-publishing services
ISBN and Copyright registrations
ebook converters
Booksellers, wholesalers, and distributors
Internet service providers
Web designers
Internet marketing services

Ghostwriter or Collaborator?

What’s the difference between a ghostwriter and a collaborator? Ghostwriting expert Claudia Suzanne explains here:

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